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Preference for the discerning woman. Protect your valuable bras and clothing, while enjoying comfortable and fresh personal hygiene

Biodegradable, soft, non-woven cotton fibers

Biodegradable, non-woven Cotten fibers provide a soft breeze that prevents skin-on-skin contact.

Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner provides a discreet and comfortable breezeway, by reducing breast skin-on-skin contact. 

Replace to Refresh!

Non woven fibers are disposable, 

cool, comfy . . .  always dry.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


(Girlease small  center liner)      

Our patented pattern is delicately curved, therefore follows the curvature of the “Girls.”  

Discreet with no excess bulk, length, or  bulge.  

Patent #US7905763B1

Doctors say:

Dr. Richard Putnam, MD


I have patients that experiene breast Intertrego, which is caused by chafing of the adjacent areas of breast skin, and irritated further by breast moisture and heat.  As a result, the patients present with skin redness / breast heat rash, itching, pain, and odor.  When this condition is left untreated, it becomes infected with yeast / candida.  I believe that the Girlease Ultimate Disposable Bra Liner is a product whose disposable benefits are incredible, and will improve the quality of life for many women. bra liners disposable bra liners

Dr. Brooke Beck, ND

Doctors say about Girlease Bra Liner

Yeast and Candida skin infections are primarily caused by excess breast perspiration and irritation. Yeast and bacteria require a specific environment to survive - a lot of moisture and a certain pH. Lemon juice has an acidic pH and has been shown to be anti-microbial in nature.  I believe these antiseptic properties of lemon juice, in combination with the moisture wicking and absorption ability of Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner, to be an effective method of preventing yeast and bacterial infections and body odor.

Amy Wagoner, R.N.,  B.S.N.

Non-prescription solution  to reduce breast sweat

As an emergency room nurse working triage, I am always interested to learn of ways to optimize my twelve hour shifts. When a friend told me about the disposable Girlease bra liner, I had high expectations.   I was pleasantly surprised that I felt cooler during the intense emergency situations, and absolutely loved having a dry décolletage.  The Girlease bra liner also made my bra more comfortable.  This product is the perfect non-prescription solution to keep ‘that area’ clean and fresh.  I am making recommendations to the Girlease company, for other medical uses of this amazing disposable material.  The thin and soft liner, follows the natural curvature of the breast, and is discreet enough to even wear with a t-shirt.  

Shirley DeVico, R.N., B.S.N.


Ladies, most of us have dealt with issues of chafing caused by heat and  under breast sweat.  It has caused us discomfort, irritation and odor.  Over my 30 years of nursing and patient care, I have cared for many severe problems of skin breakdown and infection related to this problem.  The condition is similar to an untreated scraped knee, but under the breast.  When the Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner is used according to instructions, the skin area under the breasts,  will be relieved of breast sweat, irritation, discomfort, odor, and severe complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Girlease invented?

Wedding dress protected by disposable bra liner. Girlease Ultimate Bra liner

In July of 2006, we had our daughter's wedding at a beautiful hotel on Del Mar beach.  So that I would proudly go down in the family photo archives, I hired a trainer to victimize me for six months!   I was proud to be able to wear a sleeveless dress to my daughter's wedding!!!  However . . .  

The weekend of the wedding, San Diego had a rogue heat wave of 104º .  Even with San Diego's annual average 72º temperature,  I had experienced this issue before.  But with this rogue heat wave, my "girls" were sweating so bad that the front of my beautiful gown was getting wet.   I was so uncomfortable, embarrassed, and irritated!                                              

  • The only solution available to me was to make multiple trips to the ladies room, and put stiff - scratchy paper towels underneath my “girls.”  Paper towels are very thin and made of wood pulp.  Thus the stiff-scratchy and multiple trips to the ladies room.  I would have much preferred to enjoy the evening with the guests, not in the ladies room trying to stop boob sweat. My vow that day, was that I would solve this problem!

What makes Girlease disposable ?

Made from sustainably raised cotton

The highest quality cotton fibers were our #1 priority  to create a disposable bra liner.  We refused to settle for hot layers of fabric. After four years of research and development, we are proud to introduce your 'girls' to the cool, dry, comfortable, and confident world of Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner.  

It is such a wonderful feeling to realize that this wedding blooper, contributed to providing other women with the ultimate solution for the issues associated with  breast perspiration.  

An additional benefit is that when the "girls" are cool,  you feel  cooler as well.  By preventing 'touchage' of the core  and hottest area of your body, you feel cooler.  It's like that ahhhh . . . feeling, when you lift the hair off of the back of your neck.

We want to personally thank you for choosing Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner.   Your choice is an investment that will help protect our natural resources and landfills, while simultaneously providing jobs to folks here in the USA . Girlfriends ROK! 

Is Girlease fragranced? How is it disposable?


Girlease is reversible, “slightly” reusable, then disposable.  This makes the liners sanitary, plus convenient, e.g.. golf bag, gym bag, office drawer, and/or suitcase.  Convenience = Always Fresh Liner

Girlease, LLC developed this ultimate, air-fluffed,  non woven material, because tests showed that non-disposable fabric, was not acceptable for the sanitary, absorbency, and/or the comfort requirement.  

All non-disposable fabrics actually created more heat, because they did not breathe.  Additionally, the non-disposable materials were too thick, bunched up, and would not stay in place.  All the non-disposable materials felt like wearing a warm, bunched up wool scarf, under your bra, on a hot summer’s day.  Most important, when the non-disposable fabrics became saturated with sweat, it had a very strong odor.  

Girlease Ultimate/Disposable is not fragranced.  The benefit of disposable is that the breast area is ALWAYS FRESH:  reverse, reuse, and replace when needed.

Thank you for choosing Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner

Please let us answer any questions that you may have.

Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner

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