When the 'girls' need more than a cool breeze
         you can trust . . .


What makes a Disposable Bra Liner ...Ultimate?   

100% natural, SOFT, thin, reversible, reusable, disposable, non woven fibers
         Biodegradable, made from SOFT renewable & sustainable resources
Contoured and discreet pattern;  All made entirely in the USA
                               Preferences of the discerning woman
                                             Convenience =  Always Fresh
Protect your valuable bras, blouses, dresses and fresh personal hygiene  
Escape into a sweat-free world of comfort & confidence for your "girls"

anscend the summer's heat to always enjoy your outdoor activities

   Treat yourself to this luxurious experience that you deserve!          

    Marlo Thomas, Huffington Post Article on Girlease:

          Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner featured on QVC's Qsprouts


           Guess which doctor modeled Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner?

How do you prevent breast sweat? No matter what size or type of bra you prefer, skin-on-skin contact is the culprit that causes breast sweat.  Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner prevents skin-on-skin contact, by utilizing the ultimate,  thin, non woven, reversible, reusable, disposable and wicking fibers to create a breeze way of soft, thin, cool comfort.  No longer will your "girls" suffer from chafing, heat rash, yeast infection, or Intertrigo.

Click on the following link for video demonstration:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXHZ3NIVU8o 

Why is non woven, disposable, wicking material the coolest solution to prevent breast perspiration?

Non woven materials are naturally looser than a woven fabric, with the benefits being thinness, coolness, and breathability.  The 'ultimate' material of Girlease Ultimate Bra liner is 93% air-fluffed cotton and 7% cellulose fibers.  Our customers experience the 'ultimate' quality of softness, along with being discreetly thin.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonwoven_Fabric  Non woven fabrics are engineered fabrics that may be a limited life, single-use fabric or a very durable fabric. Non woven fabrics provide specific functions such as absorbency, resilience, stretch, softness, strength, cushioning, filtering, bacterial barrier and sterility. These properties are often combined to create fabrics suited for specific jobs, while achieving a good balance between product use-life and cost.

             What solution do discerning women choose to always keep their  'girls' cool, dry, and comfortable?

                Top Choice
:  Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner's SOFT, thin, breathable, non woven material:

                                              Discerning customers always prefer the top choice for personal hygiene:                                                              Click the following link for customer's demonstration:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YJrur-7h34  

Why would you choose Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner to protect your "Girls?"

Girlease, LLC invested four years into Research and Quality Assurance to develop the ultimate material and pattern. Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner  is a reversible, reusable, then disposable bra liner.  Temperature and/or activity levels, and personal hygiene dictate how often the discerning woman chooses to reverse, reuse, before you dispose.  When you determine the requirement of a fresh bra liner, simply dispose of the 100% natural and biodegradable  bra liner, and continue your freshness with a new liner.  Convenience = Always Fresh

Customers of Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner  always experience  the 'ultimate' factor of the gentle softness, coolness, and absorbency.  The 100% natural and biodegradable fibers of Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner are soft and breathable, because the 'ultimate' material is comprised of 93% air-fluffed cotton and 7% cellulose, and is (400) grams per square meter.  

As an interesting comparison, a paper towel is approximately (2) grams per square meter, and made of 95% wood pulp and 5% chemical bonding agent.

Discerning customers always prefer the top choice in the above picture.  Why?  Because Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner customers always prefer cottony softness, air flow breathability and coolness, thinness and discreetness, plus the convenience and freshness.  Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner absorbs  FIVE times it's weight in moisture. 

The comfortable contoured pattern of Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner, adheres to the curvature of the cleavage and breasts. The patented pattern is unique, in that it  follows only the curvature of the cleavage and breasts on the  front of the body, versus wrapping around to the back. This unique and patented pattern offers a very discreet  experience, while keeping the foundation of your wardrobe dry. 

In a fanciful formal dress or a stylish separate, Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner always helps keep you feeling comfortable and confident!  For placement suggestions, pictures are provided on the FAQ page.

What is the value of Made in the USA?

Six years ago, when Girlease, LLC began researching, the manufacturing decision was made that Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner would be a Made in the USA product.  Today, we are still proud of this decision.  In addition to keeping our neighbors employed, the cost to do business is also conducive to "make-it-where-you-sell-it." 

Today, many large corporations are now RE-sourcing 'back' from the Middle East.  

We hear a lot about reducing our carbon footprint, but what does that mean?  One example, the cost to ship a 40-foot container from Shanghais to Los Angeles is $4-5K.  The additional US transportation costs, add to the high international shipping expense.
It takes a lot of time and cash, to turn on the manufacturing machines in Asia.  They are all about upfront money and volume.  Even the research of sampling the product is costly in time and money.  What happens if the deliverable does not meet the agreed upon and contracted quality of material? What happens if the US company needs to make a critical change to the product or packaging when you have two containers in US warehouses: one on the water and one in production in Asia?  All these costs either drive the company out of business, or drive the cost of the product up and the quality down.

With the ingenuity of the American worker, the automated processes of our USA-engineered machinery also keeps the manufacturing costs equitable. 

For Girlease, LLC, VALUE must always be our bottom line.  
For a product like Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner, the gold standard was ULTIMATE, in softness, absorbency, cleanliness, thinness, and over-all quality.  

Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner has all of those attributes, plus being manufactured and packaged in a 'food-clean' environment.  All of the fibers are also manufactured in a 'food-clean' environment.   When our customers expect the highest quality, we are proud to offer our (400 GSM) grams/square/meter of
93% air-fluffed & soft USA cotton and 7% cellulose.  

We are proud of where the renewable and sustainable resources come from.  We are proud of our US family-owned manufacturer.  We are proud of men and women who are actually manufacturing our
USUltimate Girl !

     When the 'girls' need more than a cool breeze, you can trust . . .Girlease   



Reasons why Girlease, LLC did not choose a woven fabric: 

Girlease, LLC invested four years of research, testing, and quality assurance, to find the ultimate material.

During those four years, Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner's soft, thin, absorbent, n
on woven material tested superior over woven fabrics that claim to wick away moisture.  The woven fabrics were tested, but had the following negative results:

1) Woven fabrics are intended for clothing, which has space and movement between the fabric and the body.  These fabrics were not manufactured to be multiple-layered and wedged in between the breasts and midriff, which is the hottest area of the body

2) The woven  fabrics are made from ‘woven’ materials.  Therefore, compared to non woven fibers, woven fabric is consequently more dense and thick, not breathable nor cool. 

3)  The
woven fabrics may wick, but when compressed tightly around the body, the absorbency was not adequate.

4)  Multiple layers of woven  fabric, around the core area of the body, do NOT keep the body cooler.  The multiple layers actually hold in the body heat, like putting a wool scarf around your neck on a hot summer's day.

5)  Within 15 minutes,  the multiple layers
of woven  fabric became wet, sticky, and uncomfortable.  

6)  When the
multiple layers of woven fabric became wet and hot, the multiple layers had an unsanitary breast odor.

When the 'girls' need more than a cool breeze, you can trust . . . Girlease


Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner cheer song -  Click for video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHFXwbHTHMU 

Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner - Patent #US7905763B1 
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