When the 'girls' need more than a cool breeze
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I have patients that experience Intertrigo, which is caused by chafing of the adjacent areas of skin, and irritated further by breast moisture and heat.  As a result, the patients present with skin redness / heat rash, itching, pain, and odor.  When this condition is left untreated, it becomes infected with yeast / candida.  I believe that the disposable Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner is a product whose benefits are incredible, and will improve the quality of life for many women.   

Dr. Richard Putnam, MD - San Diego, CA

Yeast and Candida skin infections
are primarily caused by excess breast perspiration and irritation. Yeast and bacteria require a specific environment to survive - a lot of moisture and a certain pH. Lemon juice has an acidic pH and has been shown to be anti-microbial in nature.  I believe these antiseptic properties of lemon juice, in combination with the moisture wicking and absorption ability of Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner, to be an effective method of preventing yeast and bacterial infections and body odor from occurring.  Another natural option is lavender oil, which has anti-fungal properties that inhibit fungus and yeast from growing.  It also has an extremely aromatic pleasing scent with an added benefit of causing relaxation and an improved stress response.  Combining lavender oil with Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner will not only relieve discomfort and pain caused from breast perspiration and chafing, but will also decrease body odor and maintain healthy skin with fewer bacterial and fungal infections. 

Dr. Brooke Beck, ND (Naturopathic Doctor) Hawthorn Clinic, Stillwater, MN

As an emergency room nurse working triage, I am always interested to learn of ways to optimize my twelve hour shifts. When a friend told me about the disposable Girlease bra liner, I had high expectations.   I was pleasantly surprised that I felt cooler during the intense emergency situations, and absolutely loved having a dry décolletage.  The Girlease bra liner also made my bra more comfortable.  This product is the perfect non-prescription solution to keep ‘that area’ clean and fresh.  I am making recommendations to the Girlease company, for other medical uses of this amazing disposable material.  The thin and soft liner, follows the natural curvature of the breast, and is discreet enough to even wear with a t-shirt.  

Amy Wagoner, R.N.,  B.S.N.  San Diego, CA

Ladies, most of us have dealt with issues of chafing caused by heat and  under breast sweat.  It has caused us discomfort, irritation and odor.  Over my 30 years of nursing and patient care, I have cared for many severe problems of skin breakdown and infection related to this problem.  The condition is similar to an untreated scraped knee, but under the breast.  When the Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner is used according to instructions, the skin area under the breasts,  will be relieved of  breast sweat, irritation, discomfort, odor, and severe complications.  

Shirley DeVico, R.N., B.S.N. San Diego

I have used Girlease as a breast sweat solution to working out, general summertime use and have loved the results.  However, I have found another awesome use!   I had a breast reduction two weeks ago and was sent home with a set of instructions on recovery, including purchasing panty liners to place inside the bra to absorb any excess drainage.  I mentioned Girlease to my doctor, and he loved the idea!  I have used Girlease for the past couple weeks, and have found them to be absorbing, comfortable, and down right custom made for this breast surgery recovery process.  Thank you for creating an amazing product that solves so many problems for the “girls!”  Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?

Shelly, Plano, TX

When the 'girls' need more than a cool breeze, you can trust . . . Girlease.
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