When the 'girls' need more than a cool breeze
         you can trust . . .


In July of 2006, we had our daughter's wedding at a beautiful hotel on Del Mar beach.  So that I would proudly go down in the family photo archives, I hired a trainer to victimize me for six months!   I was proud to be able to wear a sleeveless dress to my daughter's wedding!!!  However . . .           

The weekend of the wedding, San Diego had a rogue heat wave of 104º .  Even with San Diego's annual average 72º temperature,  I had experienced this issue before.  But with this rogue heat wave, my "girls" were sweating so bad that the front of my beautiful gown was getting wet.   I was so uncomfortable, embarrassed, and irritated!                                              

The only solution available to me was to make multiple trips to the ladies room, and put stiff - scratchy paper towels underneath my “girls.”  Paper towels are very thin and made of wood pulp.  Thus the stiff-scratchy and multiple trips to the ladies room.  I would have much preferred to enjoy the evening with the guests in the ball room, not the ladies room!  

                        My vow that day, was that I would solve this problem!

When I began my research, feminine hygiene was a $18.7 billion industry, but did not address the problems associated with breast sweat.  Everywhere I went, I began talking to women, doctors, and nurses.  I learned that many women also suffer from breast chafing, itching, heat rashes, yeast infections, and a serious condition called Intertrigo, which is open sores, resulting from moisture and heat of skin-on-skin contact.  Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner solves these problems, by preventing ‘touchage” (skin-on-skin contact,) thus keeping the 'girls' dry and cool !

The return on this  four year investment, yielded the ultimate material and pattern.  Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner is a reversible, reusable, then disposable bra liner.  Temperature and activity levels, and personal hygiene requirements dictate how often the discriminating woman chooses to reverse, reuse, and then dispose of the 100 % natural and biodegradable Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner.  

Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner  is comprised  of
93% air-fluffed cotton and 7% cellulose, and is 400 grams per square meter. Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner is the ultimate soft and thin, breathable and cool, absorbent solution to help prevent breast perspiration. This ultimate material absorbs FIVE times its weight in moisture.  Additionally, cotton is a natural, renewable, and sustainable resource.  


After four years of research and development, I am proud to introduce your 'girls' to the cool, dry, comfortable, and confident world of Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner.  It is such a wonderful feeling to realize that this wedding blooper, contributed to providing other women the ultimate solution for the issues associated with  breast perspiration.  

An additional benefit is that when the "girls" are
cool,  you feel  cooler as well.  By preventing 'touchage' of the core  and hottest area of your body, you feel cooler.  It's like that . . . ahhhh . . . feeling, when you lift the hair off of the back of your neck.

I want to personally thank you for choosing Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner.   Your choice is an investment that will help protect our natural resources and landfills, while simultaneously providing jobs to folks here in the USA . Girlfriends ROK! 

"Coolest" regards,
Nanette Frank

hen the 'girls' need more than a cool breeze . . . you can trust Girlease. 

My family and business are blessed to support a Christian school for over 900 Kenyan orphans:   http://tucklets.org/ 


Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner is humbled  to have receive the following honors:

As Seen on Fox5 San Diego:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_9df6g333c 

 2011 Purdue University's The Big Sell Entrepreneurs in Action Competition Winner

Week #10 winner of QVC's Qsprouts Vote!!!

Featured on a popular Doctor of health show.

When the 'girls' need more than a cool breeze, you can trust . . . Girlease.

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